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10 Dreaded Side Effects of Stress

Anywhere, anyone is a living and  breathing in and out, inhaling exhaling has to be in a continuous contact with air and sound without air and sound life can not exist on earth. All livings they are ahead of mono cellular amoeba and have born capacity to feel air and sound are considered as living with intellect . So this intellect makes us understand and feel air and sound , though we know very little meaning of this air and sound ( only breathing air is felt and only language words and other instrumental sound can be heared) .    In this era of fast life our focus is totally changed towards economics of life where as air and sound are related to internal existence of wellness and happiness and complete bliss. This is for sure if air and sound system in our body gets irritated and gets disturbed due to out side life styles pressure , expectations , performances and such things then this pressure makes "Stress" a paying guest or a paying resident in our body !!! Now this tricky residential tenant pays us what ???  This stress pays 10 dreaded diseases             headache , indigestion , fatigue , depression , insomnia, anxiety , blood pressure , impotency , diabetes and premature death.  Now how to get rid of this residential tenant ???  How to balance the air and sound system ???  How to make a stress free status of mind ??? The answer is  divine vibrations generated by specialized sound frequencies of vedic science based Mantra Yoga  - Sound Therapy .

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