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Mantra Secret and Mind

Mantra Secret & Mind :

Mantra is the  main instrumental process , the driving force , the mode of commubication , the certain path way , the incentric divice , the divine tool , main energy transforming methodology to make a reach to particulary divine energy the Devta.

Mind is a subtle complex structure , physically non locative , made up of most the intengible characters , can not be measured like brain can ( @300 grams ). mind is like a horse cart which has 10 + 5+ 3+ 4+2+ 1 + 1+ 4+3+ 9+7 + 7  = 56 subtle reins .

Secret: Secret of Mantra Yoga is that , how to guide the horse cart  with these reins ? vedic mantras have certain sound frequencies and vibrations in them , emmits energy to tighten the reins therefore with this guidance by reins horses take the cart to desired destination .


Vijay Rawal



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