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Where Stress is hidden in side us

Where  Stress is hidden in side us ,with its hidden agenda, , , !  Stress is everywhere people around us have three factors in common hurry, worry and curry not only these increases stress but today's worlds major stress comes from pressure of performance . Performance in the studies, then in competitive exams, then in interview, then in  office assignments, then in situation and clients handling , then at family front , professional life creates so much so pressure on  personal and social life that a person can't even think at what moment and  when he or she joins this Stress Race !!!!! So how to combat against Stress Race ???? We got to get an inside journey of the 5 factors of environment and sheeths of our physical, pathophysiologcal, psychological, intelligential andnspiritual body within us. This inside journey is possible with certain frequencies of vibrations these vibrations which are vedic science based have capacity to travel not only to the neural pathways of brain but even deep up to the subtle level of our body . These vibrations are actually Stress Fighters .... Details of which is with , , , Mantra Yoga - Sound Therapy

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