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Where stress is residing ?

In combat against the stress first we have to understand what is the form of stress like stress is present within us in physical, physiological, social, economical, pathological, psychological, or intelligential form ?  Then what exactly stress is either matter ? or energy? Knowing all these intricacies only after than we can reach to the root cause of stress. Now after knowing the exact root cause and form of stress there are three-way out to reach stress and eradicate these ways are daivik (all the resources used and some superpower assistance ) bhautik (physically done something ) adhyatmik ( super natural scientifically coded way ) so in Number one everyone try to eradicate stress get this way with the help of self resources and prayers and beliefs and self studies etc. Number two this is physical way in some cases possible in some cases not , because locating the exact place of stress and eradicating this can not be done with this way then to everyone try for this time to time.

Number three is leading and using the specialized vibrations technical methods to eradicate the very subtle form of stress present in any of the above forms within the body so this becomes most effective and natural.

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