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Mantra Yoga is one of the easiest proces  for meditation , as this is very basic to get connected with cosmic world first in outer form well beforegetting inside for meditation .

How , as we can see we are travelling around sunin this  galaxy on one of the fastest vehicle that is earth,  now earth revolving @ speed of 30 km per second , at this speed while in so mauch fast motion this becomes difficult for a micro structure to get connected with outer energy field that is cosmic energy and the vibrations. 

Reson being this first we have to daily practice for chanting of om vibrations. chanting daily om every day helps in getting connected with brahmandeeya urja , and this urja strengthen the capasity to further vibrate the inner subtle world of our physical body.

So in both the case chanting practice of om becomes very important for out side meditation and in side meditation. outside meditation ensures where to get connect or not with any particular thought ? where as in side meditation ensures achieveing inner consciouness and self upliftment and even the deeper strenghts with healing capasity.

Vijay Rawal.


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