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modern medical science and stress...!

Modern medical science has been into treating Stress since very long , as well as into the research and inventing medicines those can combat against  stress and can finish it.

Unfortunately success is very less in the favour of modern medical science  as for as curing the stress is concerned . Now this is established that ,modern medical science has limitations in treating  all the zones of stress,  even if stress is treated with modern medicines there are all the more fair chances of certain side effects.

This is happening since the invention of modern medical science , because modern medical science treats the physical body with physicallly available drugs. ( As the studies and documentation and trials are done of modern medical science with physical body only at the most the phsiological and pathophysiological level of  body ) But very rare studies and trials and documentations are done with psychological , emotional, intelligential and astral part of body.

Thus medicines have limitations in reacing to the level of deep seated stress, surgeries orsurgical interventions can not be made, not possible , due to being these level of psychological, emotional and astral level are subtle ,these can not be seen , can notbe located so csn not be reached certainly.

There is one science that is vedic science the ancient most , where the sound frequencies and vibrations  are kept in  coded form in vedic mantras , they have the capasities to reach these subtle levels notto combat against stress , but to completely eradicste.

The ways and means are based on vedic science of chanting and hearing particular sound frequencies of certain setof mantras as daily practice which is known as swadhyay on daily basis and one can understand, learn and can practice to get rid of stress.

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